Bablake Junior School

It was wonderful to welcome so many new children and their families into our school last September and there are now a record number of pupils here at Bablake Junior School. Everyone has settled in very positively and is working hard towards achieving their best.


Excellence from 3 to 18

We are part of Bablake, one of the country's leading independent schools, allowing families to access an outstanding education from pre school to university.

Entry available anytime as places exist

Children can join at any time as space exists. Many start in Kindergarten, Reception, Year 3 or Year 4, either from local primary or other independent schools. Our pupils generally all join Bablake School when they are 11.

Inspiration and Aspiration - a hard working community

Engaging lessons mean that all of our pupils are stimulated and inspired to work hard. These endeavours are supported by their peers and their homes. Our community is dedicated to recognising a child's potential and helping them to do their best. Why not come and see for yourself?

02476 271 260   Ruth Mohomed for Years 3 - 6

02476 221 677   Britt Mattu at the Pre Prep

Policies  The School has a large number of policies to provide staff, pupils and parents with clear information about its organisation and ethos.  Selected policies are available to download below as either PDF or Word files- please follow the header above.  Additionally, other policies, including those relating to; behaviour/misbehaviour and sanctions, academic performance and staff qualifications, are available at the school or from the school on request.